Saloon Tycoon

Yeee Hawww! The west is a boomin.' Get ready to claim your land and build the best Saloon in town.


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Prospectors are flockin' out here to try to make they's riches, hopin' to strike gold. But us, we got a better idea don't we? That's right! Regardless of who finds the gold, everyone is gonna need a place to stay, play, and drink. So let's build the best gald darn Saloon that's ever been built! 

Saloon Tycoon is a 2-4 player tile laying game that plays in about 40-60 minutes and is unlike any other game you've played before! Not only can you place tiles side by side, but you can also place them on TOP of each other! Simple enough for casual gamers, but deep enough for experienced gamers... come on and let's get buildin'!

In Saloon Tycoon players take turns taking one action on their turn. Most turns are fast and there isn't much down time between turns. First, you earn your income in gold based on the number of tiles in your Saloon. Then you will take an action. You may buy and build a tile by placing it on your board. Or maybe you will play a Tycoon Card to get some gold or give you more actions. 

Over 50 room tiles with 18 unique designs!
Over 50 room tiles with 18 unique designs!

Each turn you have the opportunity to buy supply cubes to place on your tiles. Once you have fully supplied a tile it is considered to be complete and you get that tile's bonus! Even though you normally only get one action, through card play and tile bonuses, you could accomplish an awful lot in one turn. 

Each player will have some secret objectives, called Secret Claims, they are trying to accomplish. There are also common objectives available to everyone, called Open Claims. These objectives will require completing certain tiles and/or attracting certain characters to your Saloon. 

There are many Claim cards and only some will be in play each game
There are many Claim cards and only some will be in play each game

Characters you say? That's right! There are some influential Citizens in town as well as some unsavory Outlaws. Build and complete special tiles to attract the Citizens for additional points, but beware the Outlaws... they can make your life as a Saloon owner more difficult. 

There are 6 male and 6 female characters in total
There are 6 male and 6 female characters in total

Build tiles, attract Citizens, and complete Objectives to earn the most Reputation Points and win the game! 

Interested in reading the full rules? Click Here!

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