KR Multicase Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Set C


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The KR system for storage and transportation is the only interchangeable case system for miniature wargaming. The concept of the economical card cases which are fully interchangeable with each other in a transport bag, backpack or wheeled case is unique and provides gamers with just the solution they need. You can save huge amounts of money by using this system as you only need 1 transport bag and can purchase the economical and safe card cases to interchange as needed.

This set includes trays for Millenium Falcon / Lambda Shuttle, Slave 1 / B-Wing, 10 fighters on stands (X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, E-Wing, Z-95 Headhunter, Tie fighter, Tie Advanced, Tie Interceptor, Tie Bomber), Ship cards, Damage cards, Upgrade cards, Mission and Obstacle tokens, Manoeuvre dials. There is also space for the rulebook to sit inside a case too.

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