HIRÞ (Hirth) - the Viking Game of Royal Conflict


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HIRÞ (pronounced hɪrð, i.e. with a th-sound as in “the” at the end) is a two-player abstract strategy game in which two leaders (Viking kings) fight over control of a piece of land. The first to either control the five middle spaces or push the other player’s king off the board wins. Although it has a relatively small board (eleven squares), the ability to use moves to build stronger units makes the gameplay quite intricate.

The HIRÞ board is about 20×9″ (50×22 cm) and the game is produced using partly hand-made components and materials that are true to the Viking era.

HIRÞ has been thoroughly tested and iterated over the course of several years of development. It is easy to learn but has depth and plays well with both experienced and inexperienced gamers. HIRÞ is made of embroidered cloth, wood, and metal to a quality seldom seen in games. Great attention has been given to details to provide that feeling of a 1000 year old Viking game.

This makes HIRÞ a great addition to any game collection, as well as an excellent gift to game enthusiasts or to someone who just likes beautiful things.

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