El Luchador Fantastico Grande

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Inspired by Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling, El Luchador Fantastico Grande challenges you to become a righteous hero, or vile villain, in the ring. Fight alone, or team up with another player, and then chair shot your team-mate in the face! Do whatever it takes to win the coveted title belt and claim your spot as the greatest Luchador of all time.

El Luchador Fantastico Grande is a standalone card and dice tabletop game that challenges players to become Mexican wrestling super-stars. Players compete to see who can outlast and knock out all opponents or play in one of the three different match modes. Are you ready to become the ultimate Luchador Wrestler?

The game contains

  • 4x standard six sided dice
  • 4x standard twenty sided dice
  • 36 action cards
  • 6 wrestler cards (three Male and three Female)
  • One title belt card

The artwork, by talented artist Frantz Kantor, is richly detailed and full of brightly coloured Lucha Wrestlers. From the game’s mechanics to its great characters, it combines the best of modern hobby gaming with the outlandish and colourful style of Mexican wrestling.

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