Aeon's End: Promo Cards - 2017 International Tabletop Day


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This limited edition set of promo cards add to your deck for Aeons End. This set includes one new minion, Glyph Enigma, and five copies of the spell Down the Flames, along with the randomizer for the spell.

Drown in Flames - Spell
Cost - 6
Effect - Cast: Deal 4 damage to a minion or the nemesis. You may lose 2 charges. if you do, repeat this.

Glyph Enigma - Minion
HP - 7
Effect - PERSISTENT: Gravehold suffers 1 damage. If the nemesis is tier 2 or higher, Gravehold suffers 2 additional damage

This item was available as part of the 2017 International Games Day - a global event where thousands of stores from all over the world held gaming events, live streams, and raised money for children in hospitals.

NOTE: This is an expansion and cannot be played alone.

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